Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Home Features That Help You Sell Faster

As you consider selling your home, you may be thinking that you won't be living there any longer, so the last thing you want to do is upgrade any features in the home.  And, according the Remodeling magazine's 2016 Cost vs Value report, many remodeling efforts only return 64%-85% of the project's cost.

However, the National Association of Home Builders' 2016 Housing Preferences Across Generations report indicates there are certain features of a home that make it more appealing to buyers - and may result in multiple offers when the home is listed for sale.  Eighty percent or more of buyers indicate a desire to have these seven features in the home they choose to buy.

Take an assessment of your home to see how many of these features you have to offer - or if it might be worthwhile making a few modifications, if you can, before trying to sell -
1. Laundry Room - top of the list of most-wanted home feature by 92% of buyers 
2. Exterior Lighting - Not only is exterior lighting a safety feature for your home, light shining on the lawn or front entry can greatly enhance the curb appeal and grab attention of any evening drive-by buyers. 
3. Energy Efficiency - home features that help buyers save money are attractive, such as Energy Star windows and appliances. 
4. Backyard Patio - help buyers envision enjoying the outdoors with family and friends by providing addition living space on the patio surrounded by a well manicured lawn and garden. 
5. Hardwood Floors - hardwood floors can last a lifetime with occasional refinishing. Plus they are easier to maintain and clean, saving buyers time in their home maintenance. 
6. Garage Storage Space - Accessible storage space is essential for buyers with growing families and for buyers in the process of downsizing their home but still have a lot of items they would like to keep. 
7. Eat-in Kitchen - Often the space for casual family meals, where children can do homework or crafts while parents prepare meals, and nice space to just sit with a morning cup of coffee and the paper.

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