Wednesday, March 14, 2018

9 Areas You're Forgetting to Clean

In preparing your home for sale, a deep thorough cleaning will help your home shine in the eyes of the buyers.  Most homeowners know to wash windows, mop floors, vacuum rugs and make their beds.  Here is a list of areas often forgotten - but noticeable to someone who doesn't regularly live in your home.

  • Top of the refrigerator and the inside shelves
  • Skylights - remove those cobwebs in the skylight well
  • Trim above the doors
  • Vents and Return Air Vents - vacuum or dust the grills on the vents and air returns
  • Bookcase shelves
  • Picture frames
  • Hood Ranges and surrounding cabinets - remove spattered grease, dust and food particles
  • Light fixture globes - how did those bugs get in there!
  • Ceiling fan blades - especially dust the top of the blades
The most cost efficient way to spruce up a home is to clean it thoroughly.

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