Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Homework Series - March 2018

The official date of spring is March 20th and winter is slowly losing its bite. For homeowners in the Portland metro area, March may provide time for stepping out into the yard, inspecting the property for winter damage, and preparing for spring.  It may also be a time to watch for flooding as warmer temperatures slowly thaw snow on the mountains, filling rivers and streams.  

Regardless of the climate and temperature, here are some maintenance and preventative tips every homeowner should be aware of this month. In addition to those listed above, 

  1. Prepare for potential floors: elevate electrical items, plug all electronics into surge protectors to prepare for lightning storms, inspect basement and attic for any dampness, check your sump pump for proper operation.
  2. Check/replace air conditioning filters and have your HVAC system inspected.
  3. Clean under heavy appliancees (refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.).
  4. Take down sotrm windows and install original screens.
  5. Put out water, seeds, and suet for birds.
  6. Clean gutters: clear any blockages, leaves or branches.
  7. Call a chimney sweep for maintenance after the winter season.

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