Monday, April 2, 2018

Homework Series - April 2018

Five additional April 'To-Do's' to contribute toward a worry free summer include:
1. Tell insects to bug-off - seal openings in eaves, decks and other structures to keep out carpenter ants and bees.  Eliminate standing water to nix mosquitoes.  And, if needed, call a pro to destroy wasp and yellow jacket nests.
2. Prep your tools for lawn care - replace spark plugs, change the oil and sharpen the blades on your lawn mower.  Clean, sharpen and repair any garden tools.
3. Tune up the air conditioner - get a jump start before the season and have a license HVAC contractor clean and service your AC unit to ensure it works properly before the summer heat comes.
4. Check the attic and garage - look for signs of animal activity, repair or replace any damaged insulation, and ensure stored items are secure, container lids are tight and replace dust covers/moth replellants if needed.
5. Clean up bird feeders - give feeders a deep clean (not just a rinse) to remove all traces of old seed and winter mildew.  This will help prevent spreading disease to birds and not attract rodents and insects.

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