Monday, April 23, 2018

Selecting a Realtor When You're Out of Area

There may be times when you, as a homeowner, are out of the area of the home and need to find a Realtor to represent you in the sale of the property.  Here are a few things to consider when selecting the right agent to help you get the home sold.

  1. Trusted Agent - someone you've had a good experience with in the past, or a referral from a trusted friend, neighbor or professional in the area.
  2. Excellent Communications Skills - keeping you informed of  the status of the market, activity on your property, and all the steps and deadlines to get to closing
  3. Well Connected to Service Providers - landscapers and stagers for preparing your home for the market, contractors to address repair needs, and real estate services such as Title Companies to ensure the transaction goes well from start to finish.
  4. Goes the Extra Mile For You - making an effort to take care of all the little things that you would normally do when selling a home, but can't because you are out of the area.

These are just four things that might need a little more consideration when selecting the best Realtor to represent the sale of your home - when you live outside the general area of the home.

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