Friday, May 27, 2016

Scott Says...

Scott Says…. Moss – Be Gone!

Some may feel that moss growing like a lawn on a roof may look pretty, but it is actually creating a lot of damage to the roof shingles.  Patches of moss on a roof hold water against the surface of the roof causing the roof materials to rot.  The more that moss grows and thickens, it creeps under the shingles, lifting them up and allowing water, ice, pests, wind etc. under the shingles causing even more damage.  Removing moss from your roof will help ensure you get the most life out of each shingle.

Some tips for removing moss and keeping your roof moss free –
  1. Be sure your roof is safe to walk on - if you have a very steep roof, or there is a lot of moss making it slick, it may be best to hire a company who specializes in cleaning/repairing roofs to do it for you.

  2. Don't power wash a composition shingle roof - the water pressure washes away the granules on the shingles, wearing down the materials and reduces the life span of the shingles.

  3. Apply a moss-killing product. If there isn't much moss on the roof, you might be able to let nature take care of the issue with rain and wind washing it away.  Sometimes, you may need to use a long-handled brush to gently dislodge the moss and brush it away.

  4. Trim tree branches away to allow more sunshine to directly hit the roof, eliminating the damp environment where moss likes to grow.
                                                                                     Courtesy of Scott Wagar Inspections

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